In the glossary of kitchen terms, the other term for wood fired pizza oven is furnace or forno in Italian. Commonly, wood fire pizza ovens are made to stay as outdoor ovens and when talking about its fuel use, it uses wood as the main source of heat energy. According to kitchen experts, pizza ovens are classified into two classes which are categorized according to the type of fuel used and they are, white ovens and black ovens. The main difference between these two oven types is that, one of them utilizes wood as energy source or fuel and the other uses other products such as natural gas as energy or fuel to work and run.


They are bound to produce the needed heat so the dough and the ingredients can be nicely baked and made. The first step to setting up your pizza oven is inserting the food inside the cooker to produce some heat and burn fire. Next is the process in which the food item, it this case, the pizza dough, is placed inside the oven near the fire or above the fire where the wood is burnt, with the help of a grill. This method is an easy way to bake the pizza. After the wood is burnt to ashes, the embers can be removed or put aside, and more dough with toppings can be placed to make more tasty pizzas.


On the other hand, white oven works in a quite different way. This kind and type of oven has different chambers and combustion capacities. A pipeline usually supplies the pipe and the heat transfers from the process are made from the combustion chamber to the cooking chamber. In this way, the oven does not get dirty with all the embers and the pizza remains clean of burning more than needed. This oven produces better looking and tasty slices of pizza without being bothered by controlling the heat inside from time to time. You can also learn more about pizza ovens by checking out the post at



However, wood fired pizza is also known for their easy construction with available materials and affordability. Some of the masonry needed are clay, iron, cob or alfa wood to set up the oven pizza. These materials provide the best ways to make you feel traditional when cooking the pizzas. Wood fired oven pizzas will not have you think about the space needed to install it since only a small space is needed because of its very compact appearance. Visit website for more details. 


To begin with, pizza is a kind of bread, flattened and baked in an oven. It is often topped with cheese and tomato sauce. A pizza maker is therefore the equipment used to prepare pizza. In the traditional times it would be made of bricks covering the burning wood and with a chimney. In the modern day there exists the invention of the oven consisting of a baking stone which is the portable cooking surface. The surface could be made of stone or salt. The procedure involved is simple, pizza or appropriate food is placed in the baking stone and inserted into the oven.


A pizza maker could be very helpful in the recent times. Comparing the different kinds of pizza oven the following advantages are notable. To attain very high temperatures of about 400 - 800 degrees centigrade, the type of pizza oven that uses fire from wood would be recommendable. This ensures that the pizza preparation process takes a shorter time. By a sort time I mean less than 5 minutes depending on the strength of the wood. For more facts and info regarding pizza makers, you can go to


From the above point it is clear that very little time is taken for the food on heat. This is an advantageous in the sense that the food having taken very little time on the fire of which again is an open flame in the case of wood fire. Then the nutrients have a higher chance to be retained in the food. This is good for individuals who are keen with the amount of nutrients and antioxidants they take in food. When food is overheated we realize that most of the nutrients are depleted in the food. Pizza is therefore most nutritious if less heated which is possible using the pizzastein für backofen to prepare it.


Note that pizza makers can be used to bake other things too. Like for instance, the modern pizza ofen can be used to bake cakes where the process more or less remains the same. In the wood fire oven the other foods can also be prepared for example in baking bread, roasting meat among other foods. To add to this when more meals are prepared on the same wooden fire less energy is used, less energy and this also saves on cost unlike in electricity and gas where it could be more costly.



Lastly, we note that use of the pizza maker is advantageous in a number of ways from the cutting on cost, ease of operation, saving on time, making healthy and nutritious foods among others. This therefore can be termed as a call encouraging the use of pizza makers more so the wooden fire pizza oven.


Making a pizza isn't just a stroll in the park as you need good methods to have great results. Such as the case in using an open flame, brick pizza ovens which can emit high heat temperatures and cannot be found in most pizza shops. Using open flame ovens are deemed special since they've been known to produce pizza of the top levels and if you find yourself in a restaurant using one, make sure to ask them more about it.


However, due to the popularity of pizza, they've been included as a possible homemade treat for an afternoon appetite but there's no guarantee that you will make the best pizza due to the lack of an open flame oven. Nonetheless, nowadays, there's things sold in the market that are called pizza maker and they are made with metal enclosure, pizza stones and a thermometer as bundle. The pizza maker has been seen with minute legs that must be put on top a charcoal grill. Click here to get started!


Cooking outside using outdoor grills are known to be utilizing charcoal or gas and has the ability to get really high heat. But, in cooking pizzas, you must be able to emit atleast 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. With the help of a pizza maker, they can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a big boost. The secret is to have pizza stone that could retain the heat coming from an open flame and give the pizza maker a shot in making great pizzas. To learn more about pizza, you can visit


Pizza makers are recommended to have atleast 4 or 5 inches of charcoal present and place them above the burning charcoals. Further, there should be a near top enclosure to you since the pizza will start to cook down to up and meets up at the crust which is usually seen in brick pizza oven.


Temperature is an essential to get a great pizza out of the oven from The pizza stone is responsible to give you the enough heat that would make the crust crispy while the heat coming from coals are going to melt the cheese and cook the toppings of the pizza.




When everything is done according to the book, the pizza will be one of the best you've done in your life. In making pizzas, there should be other flavors and it is recommended to put additional toppings and flavors to maximize the heat from pizza stone.